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Rectification Technique

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Reconstruction of birthtime Kim Jong-Un (unknown)

          of unknown birthtime


The only reliable factor as yet, at 12h noon, is the position of the sun(SU).
Therefore, the SU-Houses are applicable. It shows that the Transit-Moon one day earlier, on 7th April 1983 is in SU 4/3, connecting to the mother's SU (1), on 85°02 / 25°02 Gemini.
The SU of the father on 327°26 / 27°26 Aquarius, (2) connects to SUt on the day of conception.
It also connects to Venus and Uranus radix, showing VE/URt - procreation, and VE/MAt - family, sexual intercourse, in SUr house 7/12.

As the Moon(MO) transit would go forward in time, the equation Aries(AR)/MOt = AR/MOr would show.

More important is the position of MOt as it is passing over the Ascendent(AS) or DC on the day of conception.
The AS would then be in SU-house 10, reflecting 10/9 where there is the SU of the mother,
while MCt or ASt must be on the axis found then.


At 18h51m27s on Jan., 8., 1984
AR+SU-MC    264°51 /    17°21'01"
equals AS/AR    62°21 /  17°21'01"
                              value in 22°30


1) For the Sun Signs Sg, Cp, Ge and Cn
the code or key is AR+SU-MC = AS/AR
which is the case here.
2) MOt is crossing the DC on 6.4.83
3) and MCt is on the axis.


The AS connects to the mother's SU,
the MC to the father's SU,
 ~ MC/AS - social surrounding;
SU father/ VE, UR,
~ VE/UR - procreation;


MA/JU=SA -  end of pregnancy;
Schwangerschaftsende; Geburten;


Kim Jong-Un
Pjöngjang,North Korea
08.01.1984            MC 22°27'02 Ar
18:51:27                 AS  4°42'13 Le
- 09:00:00               SU 17°18'03 Cp
- 125°45'00              MO 14°27'31 Pi
+ 39°01'00              NO 14°08'22 Ge

Pjöngjang,North Korea
08.01.1984               MC 22°27'02 Ar
09:51:27                 AS  4°42'13 Le
- 00:00:00  GMT  SU 17°18'03 Cp
- 125°45'00              MO 14°27'31 Pi
+ 39°01'00              NO 14°08'22 Ge

                    of rectified time


On August 13, 2004 the death of his mother occured, in Paris, where she had been for cancer treatment.


The Solar Arc directed Admetos(ADd)
is on its way to Hades(HAr).
Thus the HA^AD-axis is activated i.e. relevant.


HA^AD = AR/HA HA/ SUmother(1)
= AS/HA - hardships, epidemic of the time;


= AS/UR UR/PO SU/SA SU/mother

UR/PO=SA -pass away;occurrence of death;
verlöschendes Leben oder Licht; den Geist aufgeben; Todeseintritt;

HA^ADr =


UR/PO=SA - occurrence of death;

Kim Jong-Un Pjöngjang
08.01.1984     18h51m27s  -09.00

P:22WI27 MC^MC :


Circle Division 1^1
WI^AD       8/2    standstill in production
                           and consumption;
                           increase of deaths;
WI+AD-MC          heavy resistance in the
                           general public;


MO^HA      12/1   poverty and illness of the
                            people cause depression;
MO/HA=MC          sorrowful hours;
                            experience worry,                                        unease, or nervousness;


D2 180°
PL/AP                 extensive changes;
PL/AP=MC          experience great changes;


D4 90°
AS/VU       12/4    experience violence,

                           pressure and influence

                            by others;

AS/ SUfather;(2)
AS/VU=MC           be entitled to take office;
                            durch andere stark in Anspruch genommen sein;


MC/PO        4/9     strong mental influence by the parents;
VU/PO                  feel pride; self-confidence; dignity;


SU/VU        9/10    SU-House,        physical strength;
SO/VU=MC           feeling of power through powerful strong body:
                            Machtgefühl durch eigene Körperkraft;

KR/VU                   powerful authority; judges; despot; president;
                            mächtige Autorität; Kampfrichter; Despot;
                            basic formula for the head of state; politician; great power;

KR/VU=MC           have great power, make dictatorial orders, apply power of state;
                            great reputation; have great influence; be highly regarded;
                            großes Ansehen oder großen Einfluß besitzen;
                            diktatorische Anordnungen treffen, Staatsgewalt ausüben;

KR/AP                  enjoy popularity;
KR/AP=MC           authority for many;
                            Autorität für viele sein;
AR/SA         2/8    many separations;
AR/SA=MC           difficulties to join with others;
                            be left by others;